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Dry Fork Mine

Project Summary

  • The pending action will add 124 million dollars in royalties and taxes to local, state and federal authorities.
  • It will extend employment of a combined 170 employees for an additional five years.
  • Significant investments have been made based on approval of the State Mining Permit, including construction of an adjoining Power Plant costing over $1 billion.
  • The State Mining Permit incorporating this federally-issued lease area was obtained in 2013.
  • Recent Court Orders require a new federal permitting hurdle: a required NEPA analysis prior to OSMRE approval.

This Court Ordered NEPA requirement

  • is duplicative
  • adds delays and cost
  • and puts significant investments at risk!

Comment Period begins May 4, 2017 and ends June 2, 2017

Your voice is more important now than ever before.

Submit your comments before the comment period ends on June 2 and make your voice heard: “I Support Dry Fork Mine.”

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Dry Fork Mine pays over $50 million each year in taxes, royalties, donations and the purchase of local goods and services.

Dry Fork Mine provides the region with low-cost, reliable electricity, and is the sole fuel supply for the adjoining Power Plant. Combined, the Power Plant and Dry Fork Mine employ over 170 people.

I Support Dry Fork Mine

I Support Dry Fork Mine

“We need you to support Dry Fork Mine.”

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Award Winning Environmental Program

We are proud of our reclamation achievements at the Dry Fork Mine. Our facility has received state and national environmental awards and we are working with other mines and regulatory agencies to improve wildlife habitat reclamation. So when it comes to protecting our environment, we are helping to lead the way in conservation and reclamation efforts.”

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